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5 must have virtual offsites in 2021

If you are part of a remote team right now, you are probably spending a lot of time on ZOOM. You are probably also planning or suggesting virtual offsite for your time.

ZOOM coffee breaks, happy hours, online work classes are fun but as remote work becomes the new normal we want more and more ideas. No! let me rephrase, we 'NEED' more ideas. Without any delay, here are

5 activities NOT to miss:

1- I spy with my little eye:

Nostalgia. Right?

Designate one of the team members to be the spy. The player gives first letter of the object and/or shares the color of the object. For example if a player chooses a battery would say. "I spy with my little eye beginning with B. Other players take turns guessing the object until they get it right. The person with the right answer gets the next turn to choose an object.

2. Find Crap:

Haha! I know :D

This is a good way to find how much stuff you have. Each player gets a chance to call an object's name and others have to go find it in their house and come running back. For example one player says ketchup, other players have to go and find it or promotion T-shirt. Who ever has the most stuff, wins.

3. Virtual Laughter Therapy:


Laughter Therapy is becoming very popular among teams. A qualified laughter therapist appears on screen and shares a bunch of funny, silly exercises with you and you will end up laughing for 40 minutes continuously. Sit in a room where you are not conscious about making a lot of noise because you ll be laughing out LOUD!!! Learn more here.

4. Role Play

Because why not?

Role play, but don't play fiction. Play each other. Each player acts like another team member and everyone has to guess who was it. You can spice it with even props.

5. Sugar Cubes.

The show stopper.

Ok! If you haven't been convinced with any of the activities above. Just try this one! It never ever ever fails. Here's how it works. Its the "Attitude of Gratitude" One by one each player gets a turn. Lets say there are players A to Z. On Player A's turn everyone from B-Z will give him/her a detailed compliment on how they admire them, or what they admire about them. Then player B receives a compliment from Player A and C to Z. And it goes on. Its scientifically proven that expressing gratitude towards each other increase emotional connection, life satisfaction, empathy and reduce aggression and depression.

If you found these ideas beneficial and end up doing any of these, please write to us. We would love to know how it went. For a free consultation on how to set up a great virtual offsite for your team feel free to set up a call


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