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Good Mental Health is Sustainable


Having good #mentalhealth is like having a lot of money. After a certain point, its not only good for you, it enables you to give it to other too, For example.

When you have a lot of money you can be there for others. Similary when you have strong mental health you can be there for others who need it.


We make money so we dont have to worry about running to into extra expenses. Similarly, if we have a great mental health, we dont have to worry about running to into stressful situations anymore because we are equipped to handle it.

When we make money, we can create opportunities for our friends and family too. Similarly when we have great mental health we can be a great support system for our friends and family.

We dont wait to make money until we are poor, we make money because its a sustainable way to live.

Similarly, we dont need to work on our mental health until we have a mental illness. We need to keep a good mental health because,

"Its a sustainable way to live"

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