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Our Story


The beginning

It all began in 2014, when Yasmin - Founder of Laughter Movement - began researching mood balancing medical drugs and wondered if our bodies are capable of producing the same chemicals to improve our moods and decrease low moods. Laughter was the solution and a lot of it.


In November 2017, Yasmin commercially launched Laughter Therapy as a team-building exercise, becoming known for her unique way of making people laugh. 


In the following years, Yasmin introduced her method to 12 different countries including the USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, China, Africa, Turkey, Morocco, Maldives, Azerbaijan, Qatar and Uzbekistan. 


To date, she has provided help to 179 organizations, including the US Army, Facebook, Google, Uber, Spotify, British Petroleum, Star Wars Studios, Ashoka, Qatar Airways, Nestle, etc. 

Golden Times

In Person Laughter Therapy | Nov 2017 - Feb 2020 

It has been described as a life-changing experience to laugh for 40 minutes straight. The experience is like a small retreat; physically challenging and spiritually relaxing.

Some Bay Area tech companies include it in their morning team practices because it helps them kickstart their day in a more efficient manner.


On an incredibly human level, it helps people connect deeply. All they need to do is just laugh out really, really loud, look at each other, and do funny exercises.

Business People Applauding
Image by Brooke Cagle

Inventive Present

March 2020 - Present | Virtual Happy Hour

We were challenged by Covid to move into an uncharted territory - Virtual Laughter Therapy. We were not expecting the virtual experience to be as effective and impactful as it was.


In addition, our clients were able to host a Virtual Happy Hour with their global teams.

Virtual Laughter Therapy Sessions also had the advantage of allowing spouses and families to participate. Soon they started their days with laughter and ended weekends with a cheerful Happy hour.

Online Laughter Therapy is a 40-minute group exercise conducted via ZOOM/Microsoft Teams.

Several of our clients have reported high levels of productivity during the week they attended Virtual Laughter Therapy

Exciting Future

Laughter Therapy in VR | April 2021 

"Need is the mother of invention." - Plato

An entire of year of Virtual Laughter Therapy helped us understand deeply what our users really wanted and most importantly needed.

 We strongly felt that VR will provide a more real and enhanced experience of Laughter as a therapeutic exercise.

Once we tested Laughter Therapy in VR we were more convinced that it will allow people to interact with the therapy in a more physical way again while maintaining social distance during the pandemic.

We are super excited about the launch which is scheduled for 1st August, 2021.


Feels like another step in the right direction. A direction that supports improved mental health and our mission of a more happier world.


Feel free to book your spot in advance. 

Father and Son
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