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About Laughter Therapy


New to Laughter Therapy? Yes, no, maybe? 

Wonderful! Here's a brief overview of our program. 

We are happy to talk to you if you have further questions.

What is Virtual Laughter Therapy

A virtual laughter therapy session consists of people laughing continuously for 40 minutes. During the session, the instructor shares 25 different funny laughing exercises one by one. Each exercise lasts 90 seconds. We don't tell jokes or tell any content. We only practice laughter. Every exercise is carefully crafted to make people laugh. 


The activity is accessed via ZOOM/Microsoft Teams group video. Participants can see and interact with each other via video. 

How it Works

After you book a session for your team, an automatic ZOOM event link is sent to you via email. Each session can accommodate 1 to 99 participants. A session lasts 40 minutes. To make the event as interactive as possible, we encourage all participants to keep their mics and video on. 

Benefits of Laughter Therapy

There is no ice-breaker like laughter therapy. It frees the mind of distracting thoughts, stress, and anxiety. Especially during pandemics when we have so much time to obsess about our worries, laughter therapy can provide a great break because we have to concentrate on laughing for nearly an hour. The happy chemical kicks in immediately and improves mood. 

After laughter therapy, many people report that they slept better and woke up feeling energized. 

What is Audio Laughter Therapy

The aim of Audio Laughter Therapy is to make people laugh continuously for 15 minutes. Participants learn five different laughing exercises. The activity does not involve jokes or content. Exercises such as laughing in an extremely funny voice or laughing in a scary voice are shared by the instructor. To make sure that people laugh, the exercises are carefully designed through a group research technique. Each exercise lasts three minutes.

The audio feature of Microsoft Teams/ZOOM is used to access this activity. Users can interact with each other via audio.  

Why Laughter Therapy

Work from home has made meetings less interactive and boring. We don't have as many opportunities to laugh together as we did before covid. Laughter Therapy breaks the ice and makes interactions more enjoyable.

Sitting in front of the screen and laughing at each other will make you feel like you are sitting next to each other.

Customer Success

Several tech companies have benefited from our program. Examples include:

Everyone immediately cheered up. The good mood lasted for a few more days. 

- Team members who attended Laughter Therapy showed greater ownership at work the following week. 

- It broke down barriers.

- It brought back memories of the good old days.

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