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About Laughter Therapy

Hello there! 

Are you new to Laughter Therapy. YES, NO -- YES? 

Great! Here's a little overview of our program. 

But if there are still any questions, please feel free to book a time with us to talk. 

What is Virtual Laughter Therapy

Virtual Laughter Therapy is a group exercise in which people laugh for 40 minutes straight. The Instructor shares 25 different funny laughing exercises one by one. Each exercise is 90 seconds long. There are no jokes or content. The exercises are designed like flying like a bird and laugh or point at the screen an laugh. They are designed very carefully keeping in mind what can make people laugh. 


Participants access this activity via ZOOM/Microsoft Teams group video feature. Participants can see and interact with each other through video. 

How it Works

Once you book a session for your team through our calendar, an auto-generated ZOOM event link is shared with you via Email. You can invite upto 300 team members to participate in one session. One session is 40 minutes long. All participants are encouraged to keep their video and mic on to make it as interactive as possible. 

Benefits of Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy immediately breaks the ice between people. Laughing out loud blocks out distracting thoughts, stress and anxiety. Specially during pandemic when we have a lot of time to obsess about our worries, laughter therapy provides a great get away from those worries because we have to concentrate on laughing for almost an hour. It immediately improves the mood and kicks in the happy chemical. 

People often share they were able to sleep better after laughter therapy and woke up energized. 

What is Audio Laughter Therapy

Audio Laughter Therapy is a group exercise in which people continuously laugh for 15 minutes. The instructor shares 5 different laughing exercises. There are no jokes or content in this activity. The instructor shares exercises like laugh in a really funny voice, or laugh in scary voice. The exercises are designed very carefully through a group research method to ensure that they make people laugh. Each exercise is 3 minutes long.

Participants access this activity via ZOOM/Microsoft Teams Audio Feature. Participants can hear and interact with each other through Audio.  

Why Laughter Therapy

Work from home has made meetings boring and less interactive. We don't have many ocassions to laugh with each other as much as we did pre-covid. Laughter Therapy breaks the ice and makes interactions more fun.

Laughing infront the screen looking at each other will make you feel like you are sitting next to each other.

Customer Success

Many tech companies have benefited from our program. Some of the commonly experienced benefits have been:

- Everyone cheered up quickly. The good mood stayed for a few more days. 

- Team members who attended Laughter Therapy showed more ownership at work in the following week. 

- It broke barriers.

- It reminded them of fun times pre-covid.

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