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What are the benefits of Employee Wellness Programs?

According to Ho, the majority of global firms have health promotion initiatives in place, with an estimated 70% of employers offering wellness programmes. According to research, workplace wellness programmes (also known as corporate wellness programmes) can assist create a win-win situation for both employees and businesses. Here are five major advantages.

Cost savings:

Employers may save a lot of money by having healthy staff since it lowers their healthcare expenditures.

“The notion that workplace wellness can reduce an organization's costs is not a new concept,” according to Rucker. For than a century, employers have had a vested interest in providing preventive health-related services.”

According to Ho, approximately 30% of adults in the United States are obese, 18% smoke cigarettes, and 23% do not get enough exercise. All of these factors raise the risk and incidence of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer, resulting in billions of dollars in medical expenses.

Productivity gains:

Involuntary wellness programmes have the ability to cut absenteeism, improve productivity, and boost job satisfaction, according to research conducted with one large US media and education organisation.

Morale boost:

Wellness programmes indicate an employer's kindness for employees and so have a beneficial impact on staff morale. Organizations are increasingly rewarding employees for participating in wellness activities with financial incentives.

Improved interpersonal interactions:

Georgakopoulos and Kelly investigate the role of workplace wellness in reducing workplace bullying. Employees saw wellness as a "mammoth component of their health and success," and they saw "workplace bullying as a severe danger to physical and emotional wellness," according to the research.

Wellness programmes strengthen relationships among employees by eliminating factors that lead to bullying by assisting employees in reducing stress, exhaustion, anxiety, and other conditions that lead to conflict and bullying in the workplace.

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