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What is Happy Hour?

Updated: May 12, 2021

Happy hour is, without a doubt, the happiest hour of the day.

For clients, it's the ideal place to unwind with friends and coworkers over half-priced nachos and discounted drinks. Happy hour encourages restaurant owners to bring more customers into the store while also maximizing their profit margins – it's a win-win situation for the owners.

Now, what is Happy Hour?

Happy hour, also known as beer o'clock, friendly hour, or cheap cocktails is the special time of day because many bars, restaurants, and shops offer discounted glasses of wine and snacks. These deals vary from two-for-one offers to exclusive prices on some food and drink options.

Since it's the period between the end of the workday and the start of the dinner rush, happy hour usually takes place in the late afternoon and early evening. Depending on the type of restaurant you own, happy hour can be held at almost any time of the day or night.

However, this initiative has been the restaurant's and industry's main promotional tool for a long time.

What is virtual Happy Hour?

Social meetings conducted over video conferencing sites such as Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet are known as virtual happy hours. The aim of these gatherings is to have a good time and foster relationships among attendees. Virtual happy hour ideas are games, events, and patterns that can be used to increase interaction.

What is a company happy hour?

Well, having a work happy hour is a great way to get the team together, create team spirit, and reinforce work relations. Office happy hour allows the team members to interact socially and reconnect with their coworkers while talking about something other than the pending tasks and deadlines.

Since days can be hard and frustrating, it's necessary to detach and have some fun! Having a balanced relationship between employees in companies by bonding with one another outside of the workplace is necessary for companies especially for remote teams during this pandemic. Taking time out of the office for workday outings, afternoon lunches or after-hour drinks promotes a healthy work atmosphere. This helps colleagues to work together openly and to give it their all every day.

But there is a twist! No beer. Just laughter at this happy hour!

Introducing a new twist on the old cliche that "laughter is the best medicine," Lenny Ravich, who is the writer of "A funny thing happened on the road to enlightenment," and his friend Avi Livran, who describes himself as "a visionary and motivation activist," spent hours getting the audience laughing.

Laughter Therapy is an exercise usually done in groups in which individuals laugh for 40 minutes straight. There are 25 distinctive funny laughing exercises shared by the instructor one by one. Each exercise is 90 seconds long. The exercises are designed like flying like a bird and laugh or point at the screen a laugh. They are planned very sensibly keeping in mind what can make people laugh.

Imagine that you've had a tough day at the salt mine, happy hour will undoubtedly lift the weight off your chest and set the pace for the entirety of the evening. When you're about to have lunch with a new organization, you'll need a happy hour to calm your nerves.

Try hosting a happy hour with for you and your remote team if you want to shake things up a little. Get together with your favorite foods and celebrate your accomplishments; you've earned it!

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