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What are some games available on the zoom app?

Updated: May 20, 2021

Over the last year, Zoom has likely been your most-used app aside from Netflix and Hulu, of course. We have all been using the video messaging service during coronavirus lockdown, whether it's for a work meeting, a catch-up call with relatives, or a happy hour with your BFFs.

Zoom is a platform for a video-conferencing application that provides you to remotely meet with others when holding live chats, and it also allows you to document those meetings and sessions to watch later. Zoom was reportedly used by more than half of Fortune 500 businesses in 2019, and it is expected to rise even more in 2020, with a 227 percent increase year over the last year.

Zoom has grown to become one of the most common videos conferencing web applications in 2020. It allows you to connect with coworkers online when in-person meetings aren't possible, and it's also been a big hit at social events. A zoom is a must-have tool for small, medium, and large teams that want to stay in touch and keep their regular workflows running smoothly, as well as a personal favorite, particularly during holidays like Thanksgiving in the United States and Christmas across the world.

If you're anything like me, you set aside one night a week for one-on-one time with the ones you care about the most. Sure, the first few minutes are probably ideal for catching up, but after a bit more back, the talk dies down, leaving you and your Zoom backgrounds to stare at each other.

What are some of the games available on the zoom app for remote teams?

Do-it-yourself Board Games:

Have you ever tried to make your own board game but lacked the necessary resources? Exactly the same. Tabletop Simulator is a game that combines classic thrills like chess, poker, crossword puzzles, and pizzas with the ability to make your own game using the workshop method. Simply pick a game from their library or bring your own and digitally invite friends using a handy connection.

A to Z Challenge:

If you've ever enjoyed a long car ride as a kid, you've probably played the "Picnic Game." You know, the one where everybody says in alphabetical order what they'd bring to a picnic? Let's up the stakes a notch. Choose any category or theme, for example, celebrities or first date essentials, and have each player name something that begins with that letter.

Laughter Therapy:

Ever heard of such a game? Well, Laughter is without a doubt an excellent medicine. It brings people together in ways that lead to positive physical and emotional improvements. Laughter stimulates your immunity, improves your mood, reduces discomfort, and shields you from the negative effects of stress. Nothing works quicker or more consistently to rebalance your mind and body than a good laugh.

Book a session with to enjoy a rollercoaster of laughter with amazing techniques and activities given by the instructor.

You can laugh sitting anywhere in the world. You just need Zoom audio to enjoy the experience.

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