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How to setup a Virtual online party or Happy Hour?

Updated: May 24, 2021

Now we are in 2021, but it still feels like we are stuck in 2020. During this pandemic, we have faced lockdown and almost zero human interaction. Working from home, quarantine has resulted in us becoming frustrated and depressed. To overcome this issue, people now meet and greet virtually. Happy hour weekly is very important for even employees working from home and friends. So here are few ideas to consider during these tough times.

Virtual happy hour ideas:

Virtual Laughter therapy:

Virtual Laughter Therapy is a group exercise in which people laugh for 40 minutes straight. The Instructor shares 25 distinctive funny laughing exercises one by one. Each exercise is 90 seconds long. The exercises are designed like flying like a bird and laugh or point at the screen a laugh. They are planned very sensibly keeping in mind what can make people laugh.

This kind of virtual meeting should be kept by companies once a week for their employees which should encourage interaction and make them feel better. This session can be hosted by an energetic host and every week different theme could be set up. Just like one week you onboard any interactive psychic or you arrange a laughter therapy session for your employees to release their stress away. This type of session builds strong teams, effective and efficient employees, and a great working environment. Many companies follow this now such as; Airbnb, Uber, and Spotify. Few platforms you can use to engage your employees – Zoom, Webex, Google meet and for laughter therapy; Laughter gives the muscles a full-body workout and releases a flood of stress-relieving endorphins. Since our bodies can't tell the difference between true and artificial laughter, something that makes you laugh will make you feel better. To benefit from a good chuckle, you don't have to be cheerful or have a good sense of humor.

Who is most likely to?

Another very popular game nowadays is “who is most likely to?

This can be played virtually too especially for remote teams, with your friends, and colleagues. In this game, you ask questions, and people vote and answer. For example: Who is most likely to use the loo five times a day? So, all the employees vote based on their observations. This game could be fun and interesting but keep in mind that the questions should not be offended if this is played with company employees. In friends, you can add anything you want as that’s more casual and easier.

Virtual Happy Hour Scavenger Hunt:

Every game mentioned here has a hidden purpose as so does this. Scavenger hunt unites a team and they play for a common cause. So, this is what companies usually do. This game could be played virtually as well as it is solving clues and racing against time.

Virtual Talent Show:

Arrange a night in which attendees will showcase their hidden talent. In order to keep it casual, you can name it “Useless Talent Show”. This way people will become more comfortable with each other and let people know more about them.

Thematic Parties:

Whatever the event is nearing, keep a party on that theme. Like Halloween, Black Tie event, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Eid, etc. This should be for all races and religions so everyone feels important. When employees feel important and noticed they work harder and their loyalties to the companies increase immensely. All these activities are generally to help people overcome the difficulties they are facing in these lockdown times.

It should be fun to plan a virtual happy hour. It's a chance for everyone to get to meet one another better in an environment where work isn't the main priority.

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