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Virtual Happy Hour Activities for Team-Building

Looking for some high-energy virtual happy hour activities that are entertaining, engaging, and amusing for your next team outing? Here are some suggestions that your coworkers will like.

Virtual happy hours have been a terrific method to keep remote teams connected since the pandemic began, and they will continue to be a lot of fun for the foreseeable future.

Don't worry if you're seeking for some virtual happy hour games to spice up your online gathering. The possibilities for virtual happy hour games are nearly endless—and they don't have to be difficult to coordinate. In fact, picking which one to play will be the most difficult part!

With a wide collection of games that your team will enjoy, we've got you covered.

1. Whether or not to use water:

Have you watched the HBO series Run? It's what helped to make this game so popular. Don't worry if you haven't seen it yet. This is a really simple game.  All you have to do is have each team member pour a few shot glasses, one with a transparent alcoholic liquor and the other with water.

One participant chooses a glass and takes a shot during each round. The player then declares whether the liquid they consumed was "water" or "not water." The rest of the group then takes turns guessing whether or not they're lying based on their facial expression.

2. Getting to Know You:

Here's a strange one: Have you ever zoomed in on something and looked at it closely? When you zoom in close on commonplace objects, believe it or not, it can be really difficult to distinguish them. And there you have it: a fun game!

Find some photographs of items that have been zoomed in on (you can find a bunch here). Then, with your colleagues' help, share your screen and go through various photographs, seeing who can correctly recognize each thing. For each correct response, award a point.

3. House Party:

For tech-savvy groups, the House Party app allows you to watch your buddies while also playing games. To play, first, download and launch the House Party app, then invite your friends to your “room.” Once they've all arrived, make sure the room is locked so that other people can't join in on your game at any time. The software then allows you to play games like Heads Up, Trivia, Chips and Guac, and Quick Draw, which is similar to Pictionary.

4. Virtual Laughter Therapy:

Laughter therapy immediately breaks the ice between people. Laughing out loud blocks out distracting thoughts, stress, and anxiety. Especially during pandemics when we have a lot of time to obsess about our worries, laughter therapy provides a great getaway from those worries because we have to concentrate on laughing for almost an hour. It immediately improves the mood and kicks in the happy chemical.

People often share they were able to sleep better after laughter therapy and woke up energized.

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