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Top 7 Corporate Wellness Ideas

Wellness programs that are successfully implemented improve people's health while also lowering health-care expenses.

The corporate wellness concepts and efforts listed below may or may not boost your wellness programme on their own. One common corporate wellness suggestion is to acquire and distribute wearable gadgets such as Fitbit to your employees. Though the concept is appealing, it is actually a bad use of your wellness budget. This has been done by several companies, and the following is what usually happens:

  • Less than 40% of employees who receive a wearable device actually desire one.

  • Approximately 20% of employees already have one. They now have two as a result of your programme.

The buying and distribution of wearable devices to your employees is a good idea, but it's not very effective. This notion can genuinely offer meaningful results for employees if a few tweaks are made. 

Rather than buying the devices for everyone, give them to your employees at a discount. If the employees have a stake in the outcome, the devices will be more valuable. Invite staff to bring their own gadgets, even better.

You won't have spent any money on those who don't want one. Employees who have access to devices can be divided into teams and compete in a range of challenges and fitness exercises.

7 Corporate Wellness Ideas:

1. Create unique wellness campaigns to promote a health programme:

Corporate campaigns are an excellent approach to alert employees to an issue that they should be aware of. Health campaigns, financial fitness programmes, and safety campaigns are examples of these campaigns.

2. Create and administer customised tests or surveys:

Employees are often busy individuals who do not have time to consider their health. However, you must persuade people to consider their health before it is neglected for too long.

3. Provide exercise lessons on-site:

Employees who work for a company that cares about their physical well-being will have access to onsite fitness classes. Employees are considerably less anxious on the work when they've had the opportunity to exercise, according to studies.

4. Encourage people to get cancer screenings:

Nobody ever thinks they'll develop cancer until it happens to them. Early detection and treatment of cancer is the most effective strategy to combat it. That is why all employees within a business need to be urged to get a cancer screening done on themselves.

5. Psychographic Assessment:

Psychographic profiling is used by businesses to target and segment their customers. It has the advantage of customising products to meet the needs of customers while saving a large amount of money on research and development. HR professionals can utilise the same method to personalise their employee programmes.

6. Campaigns for Health and Wellness:

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular among tech-savvy millennials. You may choose health in the comfort of your own home with just one tap. Millennials, who make up the majority of the workforce, are used to using the internet. Many people have found that using social media tools to promote wellness information is a convenient choice.

7. Virtual Laughter Therapy:

Conventional care is being redesigned, improved, and customised with the latest technology. Professional counsellors can now be reached via phone, text, or video conferencing. It aids in the reduction of a company's large budgets and meets the needs of time-constrained employees.

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