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Top 14 Virtual Activities for 4th of July

In the United States, July 4th is Independence Day. Parades, barbecues, and fireworks are common ways to commemorate the event. Virtual July 4th ideas are ways to celebrate the holiday with faraway relatives, friends, or coworkers via virtual meeting software such as Zoom or Skype.

We've got you covered with methods to virtually honour America and have a great time doing it, from inventive ways to break bread together online to intriguing tours of historical locations you can access from your laptop. We've even put together a list of game and contest ideas to help you stay connected to the team.

Top 15 Virtual Activities on 4th of July:

1. Organize a Patriotic Movie Night:

You may arrange a 4th-of-July-themed movie watch party even if you're socially isolated. Netflix Party, for example, is a browser addon.

2. Take a virtual tour of historical sites:

While life under quarantine has grown difficult in many ways, one aspect of our lives that has improved is our access to museums. Institutions from coast to coast have opened their doors digitally, allowing visitors to see their exhibits for free. This July 4th, you may learn more about our country's past by taking virtual tours of NASA, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, and the Statue of Liberty, among other places.

3. Hot Dog Contest:

There's no news yet on whether Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, one of the country's most famous Independence Day events, will take place as scheduled. Even if it is cancelled, grieving over uneaten wieners is pointless. Create a hot dog-eating challenge and post it to Instagram stories.

4. Patriotic Projects to Get Crafty With:

Make stars-and-stripes-themed crafts like blue and red sun catchers, popsicle stick flags, and patriotic wind socks for creative family fun on July 4th. Stream the project on Facebook Live for the rest of the group to see.

5. Fireworks:

While many fireworks displays have been postponed or cancelled this year, several towns, such as Boston and Nashville, have confirmed that televised events featuring previously recorded content as well as live performances will take place. Set up a conference call so you can all "ooooh" and "ahhhh" together when you've gotten the whole group to tune in.

6. Plan a Porch Potluck: 

A porch potluck is similar to a picnic basket swap, except that everyone brings their best Fourth of July-themed dish to each other's home.

7. Picnic Basket Swap:

The idea is that each participating family, friend, or neighbour leaves a basket to a participant's house filled with traditional Fourth of July fare like potato salad and cupcakes. Set a time for the virtual picnic to begin, and then invite everyone to a Zoom meeting so they can all enjoy the treats together.

8. Virtual Background setup:

Zoom's 4th of July celebration is to show festive backgrounds. Stars and stripes, pyrotechnics, or anything red, white, and blue, for example. Every video conferencing software allows you to alter the background, and festive scenery is a modest yet enjoyable way to recognise the holiday.

9. Bingo for the Fourth of July:

Independence Day Bingo is a holiday video call game that can be played at virtual gatherings or parties. Simply distribute bingo cards to attendees, then divide the gathering into breakout rooms or stay in the main area and speak.

10. Laughter Therapy:

Participants access this activity via ZOOM/Microsoft Teams group video feature. Participants can see and interact with each other through video. They can dress up for 4th July and do different activites.

11. Trivia for the Fourth of July:

One of the most entertaining virtual July 4th activities is Fourth of July Trivia. You could either host a quiz game with knowledge about American geography, culture, and history, or you could arrange for a fully facilitated personalised virtual team building event.

12. Virtual Beach Party:

Luaus are the ultimate summertime festivals, and the Fourth of July is a summer holiday. Make a meeting link and send an invitation to attendees before hosting a Zoom beach party.

13. Road Trip in Virtual Reality:

The United States is a huge, diversified country in terms of geography and culture. Taking a virtual tour of famous sites, parks, and historical locations is one of the best ways to enjoy America from afar.

14. Scavenger Hunt:

Virtual scavenger hunts are games that require participants to put down their gadgets and scour the house for items. Play lightning style by naming one object at a time and awarding points to the first player who presents the item on the screen.


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