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How to make a virtual party fun?

Looking for ways to remain in touch with friends and family by throwing a virtual party? You've undoubtedly done your good share of socialization on Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime by this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, so it's time to shake things up.

Even while your to-do list for a virtual party will be less, you'll still need to make sure you prepare properly and choose the correct streaming technology for your purposes.

We've compiled a list of virtual party ideas and online activities for you and your friends to interact with while maintaining the distance. We have loads of imaginative online party ideas to select from, including a virtual game night and vacation slideshow, as well as a murder mystery and an astrology session. So, join the troops for an entertaining online happy hour and some virtual social time on a group video chat!

Here are some of our favorite virtual party ideas that you and your friends and family may do together to socialize and make your virtual party fun.

Virtual Dinner:

Choose a recipe or simply eat some food while video chatting on a platform like Zoom or Google Hangouts! It can be as planned or as random as you want.

Virtual cocktail party:

Make a virtual cocktail party by getting your buddies to dress up in their best party clothing. Make it official by sending out lovely invitations, either online or by mail if you're feeling crafty. Create a playlist that everyone can listen to, submit cool Zoom background photos, or even hire a bartender to conduct a virtual mixology course to get the party started!

Virtual travel to make it more fun:

Following the outbreak, Airbnb quickly added digital channels to its booking platform, and there's likely something among the more than 200 alternatives that your friends and family would love, whether it's learning to salsa with Brazilians, or on a virtual safari in Africa, or mastering the art of preparing pasta with Italians.

Laughter Session in the Virtual World:

Bring your pals together for an evening of laughter with a virtual laughter therapy session for about 40 minutes.

Sure, you can watch anything pre-recorded, do anything you want, but nothing beats seeing a therapist interact with the crowd in real-time even if it's just over Zoom!

How fun it could be!

This activity is accessed through the ZOOM/Microsoft Teams group video function. Video allows participants to see and communicate with one another.

When you book a session for your team on our calendar, you'll receive an email with an auto-generated ZOOM event link. In a single session, you can invite up to 300 team members. To make it as participatory as possible, all participants are encouraged to keep their video and microphone on.

Are you sick of working from home and want to do something fun virtually?

Virtual Laughter Therapy is a fun way to relieve stress with


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