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How to Host the Best Virtual Cocktail Party

Even though we could all use have a drink right now, many bars and restaurants are still closed (or have reopened), making it difficult to get together for a few drinks. However, with today's video conferencing technology, throwing a cocktail party while sticking to social distancing norms is entirely possible. So, kudos to you!

Here's all you need to know to throw a virtual cocktail party, whether you are digitally gathering your remote teams for a happy hour or preparing a friendly event for a virtual conference or meeting for team building.

What is Cocktail Hour?

Cocktail hour is more than just the time of day when you order or make your favorite drink for yourself. It's a practice of surrendering, of putting your troubles and anxieties aside for a time and allowing to the joys of a well-mixed alcoholic beverage or a drink, if you like. It's a time for mischievously conversing with friends, co-workers, sharing gossip, and having a discussion over life's slings and arrows and global pandemics. And who doesn't need a little of that right now?

Ways to Host a Virtual Cocktail Party?

Mail invitations:

You'll need to properly notify your attendees, just like you would for an in-person event. You can send a basic email with the details, a colorful invite or even a traditional paper invitation for a more formal event, depending on the sort of gathering. However, in contrast to the printed version invitation, don't forget to include a link to the digital meeting link in your email to make participation as simple.

Select Virtual Party Platform:

Make a guest list then use an app like Zoom, Google Meet, or HouseParty which are intended to accommodate a larger group of people. Get inspired by great hosts like Valentino Garavani and Tom Ford during the real session. Strangers are often seated next to each other in real life, and you may do the same in the digital world.

Mail Cocktail Ingredients:

Use services like Drizly or Saucey to have your favorite booze (or beer or wine) delivered to your attendees. These businesses may also be able to provide necessary accessories such as corkscrews and glasses including a small umbrella, a branded straw or stir stick, and a recipe card for the featured drink, among other things.

Set a Theme:

Choose a theme or decide the sort of entertainment first of all. Make sure attendees are aware of the dress code and that they have a reason to wear pants! Alternatively, take an example from Meryl Streep and Audra McDonald and indulge in your pajamas. You may also send a link to a Spotify playlist or find the perfect DJ to play music at your virtual event. You could also employ a bartender to host the event and ask guests to tip via PayPal. To create a digital fiesta, ask guests to download a custom virtual background.

Laughter Therapy:

Laughter Therapy is founded on the notion that spontaneous laughter has the same physiological and psychological advantages as intentional laughter. In reality, studies have shown that 15-20 minutes of probably fake laughter or real laughter has a significant positive impact on the human brain.

Having a laughter therapy session along with a cocktail would be a great ice-breaker for remote team-building.

While some physical clubs are reopening, virtual cocktail parties and happy hours are remaining the most secure ways to indulge at the moment. Plus, cheering from the comfort of your own home might be just as enjoyable.

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