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How does Laughter Help During Pandemic?

It may be more difficult to laugh or find humor in situations these days. Yet, in difficult circumstances, we require comedy more than ever. Laughter and humor can help us cope with stress more successfully. During this pandemic, most of us could use encouragement to ‘cheer up.' Check out our suggestions on incorporating (more) comedy and laughter into your life.

Have you ever heard these proverbs? While professionals tell us that laughter is good for our health, most of us don't need convincing. We all know how nice a good chuckle can make us feel. During these trying and uncertain times, we may need to be reminded to lighten up (hello COVID-19). And, like you, I'm sure the terms "challenging," "ambiguous," and "unusual" are swiftly losing their charm.

How to Incorporate Humor into Your Life

Laughter is a simple and free stress management technique that can be utilized by everyone to lift their spirits and improve their mental health. Here are some suggestions for injecting some levity into your life at this trying time.

Relax and unwind:

We all enjoy being around people who can laugh at their own flaws, faults, and awkward situations. They are giving the world the gift of more joy, and it is an understatement to suggest that the world is in desperate need of more joy right now.

We don't have to become stand-up comics. All we need to know is how to tickle our "funny bone" on a regular basis. We will discover more to chuckle about if we set out to locate the humor in circumstances and laugh more. That appears to be how the cosmos works. We receive a lot more of what we want.

Try laughter therapy:

Virtual Laughter Therapy is a group exercise in which people laugh for 40 minutes straight. The Instructor shares 25 different funny laughing exercises one by one.

Why Is Laughter Therapy Helpful for remote teams?

Meetings have become more boring and less participatory as a result of working from home. We don't have as many opportunities to laugh with each other as we had before covid. Laughter therapy is a great way to break the ice and make conversations more enjoyable. You'll feel like you're sitting next to each other if you laugh in front of the screen while staring at each other.


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