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Five Fun Virtual Happy Hour Games

2020 & 2021 has been that year which increased the importance of technology even more. Almost everything happened through tech these years. Work from home, grocery ordering online, shopping, doctors virtual appointments, and whatnot. During these tough times, it was difficult for companies to keep their employees motivated. Thus, this article will provide companies and managers with ideas to maintain a healthy environment at work.

A virtual happy hour is an amazing way to bring eventfulness which we only dreamt of two years back. Make it fun and memorable with happy hour ideas from below:

Clue Murder Mystery:

This is the most popular game when it comes to thinking of playing virtually. Gather your team online and collaborate to crack the case of a murder crime. This way, team bonding will grow and employees will become easy with each other. In your next happy hour plan, consider this and see what it brings to your teams.

Game Show Extravaganza:

This competition when played remotely can go head to head. Teams will collaborate together to tackle pictures and trivia challenges. It covers a lot of topics such as; politics, pop culture, general knowledge as the teams' race against time. This game would break the ice among new teams and let them work together in achieving a similar goal.

Puzzle Games:

As the name suggests, this must a bit technical game, and playing this would be great for employees' mental health too. Solving online puzzles, riddles, and virtual trivia with your colleagues. This would be a brain-boggling competition. Playing this would enhance employees' love for solving complex problems and increases healthy competition.

'Do You Know' Game:

Get your virtual team together to compete in a series of mental, physical, skill, and mystery-solving challenges. During this happy hour, your employee's communication skills can be enhanced and they can get to know each other better. This could be done by individuals showcasing their hidden talents.

Laughter Therapy:

Last but not the least, a very common exercise to be done with employees is laughter therapy. This releases whole weeks/months of stress which employees have been going through. What you can do is share jokes or maybe invite a therapist to your live show to make it more interesting.

These are few ideas that companies can take for their next happy hour for team-building. 😁


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