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Do introverts like going to bars at happy hour?

As an introvert, the idea of going to happy hour to bars made me feel awkward for years before I finally forced myself to do it. I've always despised the thought of mingling with a group of strangers in a noisy bar over pointless chit-chat. When I finally gave in to the work stress and left, I found something important.

You can relax and build relationships by spending a few minutes or hours with members of other teams. You not only learn more about others, but you also have the opportunity to share problems and learn new things about how you operate in the same business.

What is the significance of Happy Hour?

Happy hour is an important social gathering where employees develop work partnerships, build relationships, and share business cards. We have what is widely known as "lunchtime" or "recess" in every institution and social club, including educational institutions. Interaction with people from other groups, roles, or departments will last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

You must socialize and interact in order to have a good time in the office. While it's possible some people despise happy hour because it takes away from their precious private time, it's also important to note that work can be tedious, stressful, and unrewarding without it.

Covid-19 lockdown and Introverts:

Introverts were meant to be the catastrophe planners of our modern, covid-ravaged professional relationships at this time. Many who treasured their alone time at home were already masters of self-isolation. You used to be a bad friend if you skipped happy hour at a bar to read a book.

People began to find ways to introduce their outside social lives into their homes as they became used to their isolation. Family, colleagues, and friends refilled calendars that had been cleared by social distancing by arranging sessions at Zoom happy hours, host Netflix parties, or just meet up over Google hangouts.

Happy hour ideas for introverts:

-Trivia in the Virtual World:

Imagine having an introverted employee in your remote team who has been putting in long hours to complete a project by a certain date? If that's the case, treat them to a virtual quiz game with small prizes. The best part is that only the host is needed to appear on camera. As a result, those who are nervous in front of the camera or who are introverted will simply log into the app to answer the questions.

-Netflix party:

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix has become a power, trying to capitalize on people remaining at home throughout lockdown. Although the documentary "Forensic Files" brought some excitement, you may need anything innovative and different to help your team communicate especially the introverts.

-Audio Laughter Therapy:

It a good way for introverts to get along with other remote teams without making an effort. With, you can book your session online.

What is Audio Laughter Therapy?

Audio Laughter Therapy is a 15-minute group activity in which participants laugh nonstop. The teacher demonstrates five different ways to laugh. This therapy contains no jokes in this activity. Exercises include laughing in a very silly voice or laughing in a frightening voice, according to the coach. The activities are meticulously planned using a community study approach to ensure that they are amusing. Each exercise lasts three minutes.

This is accessible via the ZOOM or the Microsoft Teams Audio Feature. Hearing each other's voices allows participants to understand and communicate with one another.

-Seminars for Virtual Groups:

Another excellent virtual team bonding activity that can provide information and insight to the workers is group workshops. Plus, you don't need video-conferencing tools for your team to get the most of the seminar, which makes it perfect for introverts.

Include interesting activities such as brain teasers, games related to the specific department, and make sure it is not a regular seminar where one person would talk and the other would listen. Try to engage the introverted employees so they can participate and get to know each other.

-Play video games:

Many introverts enjoy engaging themselves in the online gaming environment, but if that's not for you, focus on improving your solitaire or chess game, learn card tricks, or online play video games that don't need you to open your camera.

Overall, happy hour is a special time to socialize, create memories, and enjoy yourself. How much do you take advantage of the chance to unwind from work and joke with your coworkers?

Without a doubt, social bonding is beneficial. Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone!

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