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Are We Ready to Ditch the Masks

While we all want to go back to the old the normal we do want to keep the old normal with us. According ot a survey most Americans are not ready to give up the masks because of health benefits it brings.

Masks has been one of the most controversial topics during Covid-19. They held the most amount of importance when it came to preventing covid. It was almost as important as Social distancing and/or the vaccine.

But most Americans aren’t ready to take off their masks in public—for some, not even once they’re vaccinated or mask mandates are lifted in their area. We interviewed a bunch of people and some of the interesting responses we received were:

1- "I like being unknown and that helps me move around freely."

2- "I like talking to myself. Wearing a mask makes it easier for me to do that."

3- "I feel so free now that I don't have to wear make up every day."

4- "I love how creative the masks are. I like experimenting with different funny masks and it almost feels like dressing in a costume."

5- "I haven't come down with a flu or cough all year. So I think i am going to keep it."

Do share your views in comments and let us know if you are ready to 'ditch' the masks yet.

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