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Best 7 Themes for Virtual Offsite

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

It should be fun to plan a virtual offsite. It's a chance for everyone to get to know one another better in an environment where work isn't the main focus especially during the pandemic where most of the teams are working remotely.

Giving virtual happy hours a theme is a simple approach to create interest and participation of the employees. You could throw a hip-hop 80's party, a Halloween party, or a high tea party, for example. We've gathered our finest recommendations and suggestions for virtual happy hour themes to help you create an interesting virtual happy hour.

7 Themes for Virtual Happy Hour

1. 1980s Party:

Retro 80s parties were all the rage on college campuses across North America in the early 2000s. With an online 80s Party during your next virtual happy hour, you can have your Vanilla Ice and eat it, too. You may make the party more fun and fascinating by including 80s music, costumes, decorations, and hairstyles.

2. Halloween Theme Party:

In the real world, it's Halloween part of the time and not others. You can have Halloween whenever you want online. Halloween is a great opportunity to spend virtual joyful hours in a scary environment.

Halloween is a great opportunity to spend virtual joyful hours in a scary environment.

Let’s see how it works:

· Encourage your employees to dress up in costumes for Halloween

· Prepare spooky, scary backdrops for your virtual happy hour

· Use icebreaker questions like "where would you spend all of eternity?" to get people talking

· Tell ghost stories to your colleagues

3. Theme for a Virtual Holiday Party:

Perhaps someone on your team is Holiday obsessed, or perhaps the holidays are right around the corner. In either case, a virtual holiday party-themed happy hour can be a terrific way to bring your team together in the spirit of the season.

4. Delights from Around the World:

Sharing a drink with colleagues and coworkers is a globally popular habit, and you can honor this by throwing a global happy hour.

5. An Evening in Black Tie:

It doesn't mean you can't dress up for your virtual event. Nobody is required to wear a black-tie for your “virtual happy hour” theme. Instead, encourage your guests to do the following:

· Dress up in a suit and tie, a tuxedo, or other formal attire.

· Prepare a small tray of sumptuous party food.

· Make a nice drink for the occasion, such as a Cocktail or tequila

· Use icebreakers like "which famous celebrity would sing at your wedding?" to get a person excited.

6. Virtual Cosplay Party in the Clouds:

Cosplay isn't just for conventions and real-life parties; it's also great for online gatherings as well. Choose a party theme based on a film, Television series, animation, or any trend.

7. Laughter Therapy Session:

Virtual Laughter Therapy is a group exercise in which people laugh for 40 minutes straight. The instructor shares 25 different funny laughing exercises one by one. Each exercise is 90 seconds long. There are no jokes or content. The exercises are designed like flying like a bird and laugh or point at the screen and laugh. They are designed very carefully keeping in mind what can make people laugh.

You can even create your own themes to participate in during your virtual happy hours. Almost everything can be portrayed as a fun game to quickly engage your audience.

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