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7 Approaches for Adding more Laughter in Your Life

We tend to forget how crucial it is to make time for laughter in the midst of all the seriousness that school and job entail.

There are seven strategies to foster laughing in your life, ranging from hosting a game night to trying out a new activity like laughter yoga.

1. Follow a funny meme account: 

Funny memes go viral for a reason. They have the ability to make people chuckle! Follow these amusing meme accounts to make you laugh every time you log onto social media.

2. Create a virtual Pinterest board:

Create a board on Pinterest dedicated to things that make you laugh, such as quotations or funny photographs. When you come across something on the internet that makes you happy, pin it to your board so you may look at it the next time you're stressed.

3. Virtual fun team-building activities:

Activities such as presenting their pet dogs and cats to their remote teams, to be a source of laughter and delight. If you don't have a pet of your own, consider pet-sitting for a friend or volunteering at an animal shelter in your spare time.

4. Humorous podcast with remote teams:

Listen to a humorous podcast on your commute to work or school: If you want to start your day off right, listen to a hilarious podcast.

5. Laughter Therapy:

Laughter yoga is a new type of yoga that encourages people to laugh for lengthy periods of time. When you're feeling anxious, try out a class by yourself or with a companion.

One of the most effective strategies to increase your level of laughing is to learn to laugh at yourself. Next time you do something that would normally make you angry, try to see the bright side of things. Laughing in front of the screen looking at your virtual team members will make you feel like you are sitting next to each other.

6. Change your surroundings: 

Your surroundings can have a significant impact on your mood. Reorganize your workspace or study area to include items that make you happy, such as a snapshot of you and your pals from a good night out or a shot of your dog dressed up in a comical costume.

7. Host a trivia night: 

Host a trivia night:  Play party games like Charades or Apples to Apples with some pals around for a game night.


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