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5 wellness activities to be a part of employee benefits program

Many firms have adopted employee wellness programmes as a method to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and reduce employee turnover.

In fact, 80 percent of employees who work for organisations with strong health and wellness initiatives feel engaged and cared for by their bosses.

The secret to a successful workplace wellness programme is to promote general well-being while also having fun. Your wellness programme ideas will quickly lose steam if you can't get your team involved. So have some fun with your projects, test out some fresh ideas, and see what your team loves the most.

1. Promote healthy eating:

Proper nutrition is an important element of overall health, but it can be difficult to implement in the workplace. This is especially true when routines are disrupted, such as during a pandemic when people are absent or only recently returned to work. Employers can help by establishing a nutrition challenge that rewards employees for making positive changes in their eating habits. Points can be gained in a variety of ways, such as by tracking meals and snacks, attending nutrition seminars and webinars, or taking a quiz on proper eating habits and food groupings. Points can be converted into gifts, monetary awards, or raffle entries to win bigger prizes to promote healthy eating habits.

2. Wednesday to be designated as “Wellness Wednesday”:

Make a hump day of it and try out one of the suggestions on this list. If you have an office that is set in its ways or otherwise reluctant to change, this wellness Wednesday idea is a wonderful strategy. One day a week appears to be much more feasible (and less overwhelming), and can serve as a springboard to healthy habits.

3. Laughter Therapy Sessions:

Audio Laughter Therapy is a 15-minute group workout in which participants laugh nonstop. The instructor demonstrates five distinct ways to chuckle. This activity has no jokes or substance. Exercises include laughing in a highly humorous voice or laughing in a scary way, according to the instructor. Improve employee wellness by releasing endorphins and developing connections through shared laughing.

4. Stop giving out low-quality snacks:

Make the transition to healthier alternatives if you're providing your workers with unhealthy snacks or meals. At the very least, supply a majority of healthy things and only a few classic junk food items for your business.

5. Make a healthy cookbook for office:

Inquire about your employees' favourite healthy dishes. Make a selection of the best and distribute it around the office as a downloadable document via email or a simple printed booklet.

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