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5 Ways to Make Your Virtual Happy Hour Even More Exciting

Most of us like catching up with coworkers and friends over a pint at the local bar after a long week. Unfortunately, with COVID 19 and social distancing remaining in the forefront of people's minds, it's difficult to relax over a few beers with friends. People have resorted to video conferencing software as a compromise.

While there are numerous options available, such as Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Houseparty, many people prefer Zoom.

Some of the virtual team-building activities on this list can also be used as great team-building activities.

Now, here are some entertaining happy hour meetings you can conduct with your Zoom team:

Cocktail Twist:

Cocktails are an essential part of Friday get-togethers. Why not vary things up a little instead than asking everyone to prepare a margarita? Pick a common component that everyone must include in their happy hour drink to take your virtual cocktail party to the next level. It could be something straightforward like lemon or bitters, or something more daring like peppercorns or egg whites.

Make mocktails instead of cocktails for a non-alcoholic game.

Trivia about the workplace:

This quiz game will allow you to learn more about your coworkers. Have everyone fill out a basic questionnaire with information about themselves that your coworkers might not know, such as their favourite animal, dream destination, and so on.

After that, you may combine all of the responses into a single document, rearrange them, and delete the names.

After then, everyone can guess who has answered which question. Those who get a question wrong must drink for that round.

Never in my life have I:

The Quarantine Edition works similarly to the original game, with each player starting the round by holding up five or ten fingers. Then, with things you haven't done yet during the quarantine, each player takes a turn saying "Never have I ever..."

For example, “Never have I ever... remained in bed all day while isolating,” or “Never have I ever... watched a show from beginning to end.” When someone places their finger on the table, they must drink. They must finish their drink if they put all of their fingers down.

Laughter Therapy:

The pandemic has made meetings boring. We don't have many ocassions or happy hours to laugh with each other for team-building as much as we did pre-covid. Laughter Therapy breaks the ice and makes interactions more fun. Laughing infront the screen looking at each other will make you feel like you are sitting next to each other.

Tell and Show:

Organize a show and tell with your Zoom crew to bring your Zoom call back to school.

Ask each attendee to bring something to show off during the next Zoom happy hour for this happy hour suggestion. The object could be anything, including the best movie they watched during the lockdown, their favourite buy, or a hilarious YouTube video.

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