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5 ways to keep your remote teams motivated

Since so many of us work remotely, and so many of us are constantly stressed as a result of Covid-19 and the lockdown. We have been affected by the vast number of changes that have occurred in the past year. People are more concerned about losing their jobs, their mental health, and the health of their families. Emotional and financial pressures are increasing.

You may be wondering how to stay motivated and keep your remote teams motivated during these times!

Team building and keeping teams focused are critical for the upper management and the leader in the companies, so here are our top five tips for keeping your remote team motivated during the pandemic.

· Set Objectives and Goals:

Setting goals and achieving them will motivate the remote team. It will keep the workers motivated if they know what they are working for. Sharing your vision and establishing ultimate business goals with your team will inspire them to collaborate and deliver the best results possible. Teams are more driven when they know what they're doing, and getting specific goals will help them do just that.

· Encourage your employees/Positive feedback:

Offer Encouraging and positive feedback and Compensate Your Employees as Positive reinforcement is a powerful technique that is often ignored. This type of encouragement will inspire the team members and, more importantly, make them feel respected during these difficult times. Rewarding the team would allow them to see how far they've come as individuals and as a team.

· Teamwork should be encouraged:

Companies that actively inspire their employees to collaborate and work together are productive and successful. For example, Google is known for bringing their teams closer together and encouraging their employees to collaborate. Remind the team of the importance of teamwork during these challenging circumstances. This is currently even more difficult because it must be done virtually, but team-building games and activities will help.

What are team-building games/activities?

Group games, tasks, and activities through platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are examples of virtual team-building activities/games. The list of activities include:

1. Ice breaker questions

2. Laughter therapy

3. Virtual happy hour

4. Team dance lessons

You can book laughter therapy session for your team-building with:

· Cameras ON:

Always make sure to turn on your cameras during the video call when you have a team meeting. When you can see each other, it makes a big difference and is much better than staring at a black screen.

· Show your work station:

Start encouraging members of the team to show off their remote setup as it is always entertaining. Given that we have all been working from home for more than a year and will continue to do so for maybe another six months, it would be beneficial to inspire innovation and help them set up their workspace. Each week, a member of the team could take turns showcasing their space.

These are some of the great ideas for team building!


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