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5 Remote Team-Building Ideas for 2021

There are several in-person team-building activities you may apply when managing a team in a traditional office environment. However, when it comes to ice breakers for remote teams, you must be more inventive to engage your employees. Your team-building activities should be enjoyable and interesting for your team members without making them groan or rolling their eyes.

Continue reading this article to learn about our best virtual team-building ideas for 2021 that will keep your remote staff engaged.

Team building, whether it is virtual or offline, is critical to business performance. Productivity, compliance, development, and retention can all benefit from effortless teamwork and communication. As a result, 97 percent of members of the company and managers agree that teamwork has an impact on project outcomes. And a huge 54 percent indicated they stayed at the same employer because of a strong feeling of solidarity.

1. Virtual Happy Hour:

Going out for dinner and drinks is always fun, but if you can't meet up in person especially due to the pandemic, virtual happy hours are the next best thing.

Virtual beer or virtual margaritas are your options.

2. Virtual Drinking Session:

How about a virtual team alcohol-making session if you're looking for something a little more hands-on? It's a lot less work than making cakes!

You can “Zoom” via 90 minutes of team-building fun activity with no prior knowledge or experience required. Your team will be guided through the process by an experienced brewer. The virtual team-building session includes all of the necessary supplies and equipment to produce a full bottle of booze, which is delivered directly to your attendees' homes.

3. Virtual Laughter Therapy:

In these awful situations, how can we laugh? We combine team-building with a twist with a virtual event like Laughter Therapy. To establish reliance among your remote team, techniques will focus on a mind-body blend of breathing and laughing activities. The simple activity improves blood circulation, alleviates stress, generates endorphins, enhances oxygen flow, and brings remote teams along.

You can book the laughter therapy session with You'll feel like you're sitting next to each other if you laugh in front of the screen while staring at each other.

For this session, you can access it through the ZOOM/Microsoft Teams video conferencing tools. The video allows the participants to see and engage with one another.

4. Virtual Paint Night:

Try a creative and relaxing social event with your team by hosting a paint night. Through this creative activity, teams can get along with one another, and would be a stress-relieving activity.

5. Virtual Personality Evaluations:

Completing personality tests enables each team member to determine if they are introverted or extroverted, judges or perceivers, and whether they gather information by seeing or instinct.

Getting to know your team members on a personal level, and allowing them to get to know each other, will help everyone bond teams and know how to deal as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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