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5 companies with the most innovative employee benefit programs

One of the advantages of landing a top-notch job is that it usually comes with a slew of perks. Medical insurance and paid vacation days are included in many well-paying positions. Some groups, on the other hand, go considerably further. They entice talented personnel by offering a wide range of free and subsidised services.

1. Salesforce

This United states company offers special wellness, travel, and education programmes to its employees. Employees can save up to $510 in tax-free money to cover parking and commuting expenses. The software company will pay for up to $100 in massage therapy or yoga sessions each month. Employees enjoy discounts on cleaning services, concert tickets, and a variety of other goods. Salesforce also pays for employees to enrol in university classes that are relevant to their jobs. It even reimburses them for textbook purchases. When employees donate to authorised charity, their contributions are matched by the employer.

2. Google

The most popular search engine on the internet offers a particularly attractive benefit package. It offers travel insurance, free legal counsel, and on-site medical treatment, among other things. Employees receive massages and physical therapy without having to leave the office, according to Business News Daily. Mothers with newborns might get extra money and vacation time from the computer giant. Staff members can request assistance from an emergency travel assistance service, and electric car owners can charge their vehicles at the office. Employees at Google also participate in volleyball and swim in a heated pool. They may also be eligible for free college courses.

3. Southwest Airlines

If you enjoy travelling, this airline might have one of the best perk packages available. It entitles employees and their families to free flights on Southwest. They are given guest permits, which allow them to bring friends along on free vacations. Employees also get discounts when they stay in hotels, fly on other airlines, or rent a car. When they buy stock from the corporation, they receive a 10% discount. Profit sharing and a retirement plan are also available to employees. Southwest Airlines also offers dental, life, health, and disability insurance.

4. AirBnB

Employees at Airbnb have the option of working from home when necessary, but that's quite common in today's corporate environment. However, a full two weeks vacation during the holiday season, in addition to additional paid vacation days and annual trip credits, is not usual. Additionally, Airbnb offers ten weeks of paternity leave and much longer for maternity leave. Not bad for a corporation headquartered in one of the few developed countries in the world without such programmes.

5. Apple

Leaves of Maternity and Paternity

Apple, like Adobe, has generous maternity and paternity leave policies, with 18 weeks for mothers and six weeks for fathers. In addition, the company has included a four-week transition period that will allow workers to receive full-time pay while working part-time when their leave ends. Apple will even pay for in case you choose to establish a family in the future. That's a new one on me.

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