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10 incredibly fun virtual offsite ideas for 2021

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Virtual offsites are incredible. They give teams a chance to connect with each while still working from home. Research suggests that teams who engage in a weekly offsite have a 70% higher level of satisfaction during pandemic. We have put together some genuinely unique ideas for your team.

What really is a Virtual Offsite?

Social activities held using video conferencing systems such as Zoom and Google Meet are known as virtual offsite. The purpose of these activities is to have a good time and foster relationships among guests. Virtual offsite ideas are mostly fun activities that can be used to increase the participation of group members. These events are also known as virtual happy hours or remote happy hours.

Due to the pandemic, companies cannot offer happy hours in bars or restaurants, hence, virtual offsite are introduced.

The games on this list are fun and entertaining to play during virtual offsite. These activities are designed to last fifteen to thirty minutes each, so you can fit them into a busy schedule.

15 incredibly fun virtual offsites ideas:

1. Mysterious Crime Thriller:

In this virtual mysterious crime thriller or a murder mystery happy hour activity, gather your remote team and interact digitally to solve the case of a deadly crime.

2. Game Extravaganza:

In this virtual gameshow competition, remote teams can compete head-to-head. As they battle against the clock, teams will need to work together to complete photo and quiz objectives ranging from pop culture to politics.

3. Virtual Laughter Therapy:

We all suffer from a condition known as “Pandemic Exhaustion,” and we crave communicating and laughing– with our friends or colleagues. “Healthcare professionals, physicians, and psychologists have a recommendation for trying to help all of us get through all these challenging and tough times. Laughter Therapy makes for an amazing virtual offsite which is why its super popular in tech companies right now.

Virtual Laughter therapy is conducted through the ZOOM/Microsoft Teams group video function. Video allows participants to see and communicate with one another. Visit the website and book the session now at

4. Virtual Bingo:

Giving your staff something active to do throughout the session is one method to enhance engagement during remote happy hours. Bingo satisfies this demand by offering cues and indications for your callers to listen for and check off throughout the conversation.

5. I'll drink to that:

It is a drinking game that you can play with or without alcohol during virtual offsite.

To play this game, choose a phrase or a sentence that will serve as a cue to take a drink. The term should be well-known while also being a bit mysterious.

6. Never Have I Ever:

This is a popular drinking game in which participants take turns proclaiming one thing they have never, ever done, and everyone who has done it must take a drink. And we're going to step it up a notch.

7. Guess the song's title:

Are you a music listener? So, in your virtual offsite, challenge each other's music knowledge!

8. Virtual dinner party:

Hosting a Virtual dinner party is always a good idea. Create a theme for the party to make it a virtual setup to make it more enjoyable and engaging. You can request everyone to dress up! If you're looking for a good time to have a dinner party, it can be a good idea to celebrate an approaching holiday virtually for remote teams.

9. Virtual Game Night:

Board games are not only for family functions! To keep your remote team entertained, there are virtual variants of some of your favorite board games, as well as entirely virtual board games. Virtual game night makes for a perfect virtual offsite.

10. Virtual Charades:

Make everyone laugh by acting out phrases and words and hoping that the others will figure out what movie or song they are performing.


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